Corporate Lunchtime Heroes

Session 1

Engledorf and Orlando met up in the tavern of Peorth, where they overheard a farmer complaining about a Goblin infestation near his farm. They asked him how they could help and after negotiating a 100 gold payout per person, headed to the north.

There are two entrances to the Goblin caves, so the party decided to block the upper entrance with rocks and boulders before heading into the lower entrance. The first cavern appeared to be empty, except for an underwater stream. They continued deeper into the next cavern where they were attacked by three Goblins.

Engledorf charged into the room, but the Goblins heard him coming and attacked first. He was able to evade two of the attacks, but caught a knife in the side. Thankfully, his armor absorbed most of the damage as Orlando charged in, decapitating the Goblin who had successfully attacked Engledorf . Engledorf used his sword to remove an arm and both legs from another Goblin, which then fell to its death. The last remaining Goblin swung again at Engledorf , landing a weak blow, followed by Orlando slicing his legs completely off. Engledorf lunged at the Goblin, but missed as it toppled to the ground while attempting to still stab at him. Orlando sauntered over to the wounded Goblin, looked him in the eye, smiled, and slammed his knife into its head. Once the action subsided, the party found nine gold on the bodies, split it up between them.



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