Corporate Lunchtime Heroes

Session 2

Engledorf and Orlando continued deeper into the Goblin caves, where they found Goblins weren’t the only creatures in these caves. Two Orcs were talking in the next cavern and Orlando decided to approach them openly, asking for friendship.

The Orcs immediately attacked with their bows, almost killing Orlando, who retreated back towards the cave entrance. Engledorf charged one of the Orcs, landing a powerful blow against its chest. Engledorf then ran after Orlando, quickly followed by the Orcs. The injured Orc, enraged by the pain and wanting revenge, plowed after Engledorf while firing another arrow from his bow. The other Orc retreated deeper into the cave system looking for allies. Engledorf and Orlando, both wounded and weary, were able to defeat the pursuing Orc.

The party then decided to leave the caves and setup a camp in the woods to heal up and keep watch over the cave entrance. Late in the night, the party witnessed three Goblins leaving the cave and heading towards the farm, but decided they were still too injured to go after them. In the wee hours of the morning, Orlando heard a commotion and saw the three Goblins returning to the caves with a stolen sheep and little girl. He woke up Engledorf and they sprinted ahead of the Goblins, setting up an ambush.

The ambush worked like a charm as they pounced on the first two Goblins, causing the tied up girl to be dropped to the ground. While the party finished off the first two Goblins, the third turned his focus on the girl and tried to kill her. Luckily, the girl was able to roll away from the attacks and Engledorf and Orlando were able to stop the last Goblin. Once the girl was freed, she thanked them and took the sheep back towards the farm.

The party dove back into the caves, this time finding some sleeping Goblins (easy kills) and two Orcs having breakfast. Engledorf charged in, attacking the Orc closest to the doorway and destroying their table. Orlando jumped on the injured Orc’s back and quickly removed the Orc’s head. The other Orc stood up, drew his bow, and fired a powerful shot that sliced through the other Orcs head in the air and into Orlando’s shoulder. Together, Orlando and Engledorf were able to overpower the final Orc and secure the small cavern.



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